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Spring Feature! - join us for a N&B Spring Cleanse Program!

Introductory Offer $99 for the 4 week Program

Shake off winter and leap into spring!
Join our 4 Week Cleanse Program guaranteed to have you feeling and looking amazing,
your eyes shining and skin glowing, bring on summer!

What is a N&B Cleanse ? This is a multifaceted program that focuses on fresh foods with recommended supportive herbal and nutritional supplements tailored to your individual needs. Gentle exercise, lifestyle tips and encouragement to make time for reflection, this cleanse program will support your natural physiological detoxification processes as well as encourage you to make positive steps to clean up your life in general.  Make lasting change to your life, this is a complete program and not just a detox diet.

Why Cleanse? Feeling washed out? Bloated? Allergies? Anxious? Depressed? Overweight?
This is a kick start towards a healthier way of living. We are exposed to an alarming array of environmental toxins in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. A cleanse eases the load and exposure to all the chemicals and toxins with the good food during the program as well as the function of our organs of elimination (liver, kidney and skin) being supported by taking nutritional and herbal supplements throughout the program.  Allow the time, a few moments each day to reflect on where you are at with your life, and where you want to be.

Why join a program? A program will make it easier to commit to a plan and will be fun and motivating with a group of people. This cleanse program has been designed by a qualified health professional, me, and then individualised for you after our initial consultation.

How the N&B Cleanse Works

Sign up and book in for your pre-program 40min consult to determine your program focus and start program the next Monday. Visit N&B clinic at week 2 and week 4 for 20min consults to check in.
Fully supported program by naturopath guaranteed to make you feel alive and fresh, shining eyes and skin, ready for summer!
It’s not about what you can’t have, it’s about making the steps to lasting change and nourishing all aspects of your life so that every cell in your body is vibrating in harmony.


  • one personal 40 min consultation before the start of the program
    your information package with a comprehensive meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, stocking your pantry
    two 20 min consults to check-in and monitor progress
    daily N&B Cleanse emails to keep you on track, motivated and inspired with loads of tips and information to make lasting change to your everyday life.

Take the first step to better health and contact N&B today

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Why Why Why!!! Environmental toxins are found in everyone and everywhere on the planet; in our soils, food, air, water and homes. More than 140000 toxic chemicals are used commercially, with more than 3000 in high volume with 1500 new chemicals released each year. They are absorbed into our body and our detoxification systems; the liver, kidneys and skin work 24/7 to eliminate these toxins to keep us safe, well and functioning. Our detoxification and elimination systems may become overburdened with the toxic load. At this point our health is affected and we can become lethargic, to the extent that our endocrine (hormone) system is disrupted with far reaching systemic affects. These toxins have been clinically demonstrated to be responsible for many conditions including chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune conditions and neurological problems.

A professional cleanse program supports our own detoxification systems. Essential nutrients are provided to maximise our natural detoxification pathways.

There are different levels of cleanse programs that depend on your unique health picture. At the end of your cleanse program you will be guaranteed to feel a lot brighter and lighter in energy and life. Often, cleanse programs are the key initial step that allows true healing to begin. 

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All things Female - A Holistic program for you

From M to M (Menarche to Menopause) every stage of the female life is a result of an amazing interaction of hormones. Thrown off balance, these hormones can send us into various levels disarray. We can end up being emotional, in pain, angry, overwhelmed, and in some cases this will heavily impact on how we live our lives day to day or month to month.
It doesn't have to be like this!
Naturopathic medicine offers many supportive measures to bring back balance to our hormones. Often the body only requires a little nudge in the right direction with the implementation of evidence based dietary guidelines and herbal medicines and teas.

Puberty. There are few memories that stay with us and the beginning of puberty may just be one of those events. The onset of our period is personal and an initiation of sorts into womanhood. There are a few small steps that can be taken to ensure that our daughters, nieces, granddaughters or the girls in our care can do to ensure that they have a supported and gentle transition into the sisterhood. If you have had a history of period problems, it doesn't mean your daughter has to.

The Fertile Years. Painful periods, heavy periods, too frequent periods, too infrequent periods, the list goes on. The challenges that our cycle and hormones can throw at us to keep us feeling not quite right, and sometimes downright inadequate and incapable of functioning as we would like to, you know as a regular human being.  This can be sometimes overwhelming and impacts on every other facet of our life. It doesn't have to be like this.

The Forest-Dweller Years. Ancient wisdom describes the forest-dweller stage of our life as the ultimate achievement, freeing our attention from outward preoccupations (student and householder roles) and turning our attention inward to the core of our being.
Let us ease and transition into this wonderful phase of our life with the ease and joy that we deserve. Learn and understand what is happening, accept and enjoy the release that you can experience at this time and in this transition. Again there are many beautiful and amazing herbal remedies and teas that can support and nurture us. 

Naturopathic Medicine provides safe, non-invasive, empowering medicines and guidelines for each phase of our life.  I have studied the complex array of hormones that guide our cycles, and incorporate that knowledge with the knowledge for the therapeutic use of food and lifestyle choices, and herbal medicines, to heal and balance.

Join N&B, make an appointment, embrace and enjoy the journey and transitions of life.