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Are you struggling with some extra weight you can’t lose, low energy, cardiovascular, liver or blood sugar problems? Wondering why you are not feeling better no matter what you try? Maybe you eat really well and do all the right things but still, nothing changes. 

Often though, although we do all "the right things" that they may not be right for your body. In fact, any combination of these symptoms could be signs that you are experiencing a metabolic disorder that often develops into a metabolic syndrome which can result in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease if left unchecked.


Metabolic disorder is when the liver, pancreas, and gut stop communicating correctly - sending your blood chemistry into disarray. Signs will start to appear in your blood tests - blood glucose, insulin levels, lipids/fats, liver enzymes and high blood pressure. Physical symptoms that you will be experiencing include the weight you can’t lose (especially central adiposity, around your waist), low energy, brain fog, hormonal problems, headaches, digestive disorders and sleep disturbances.


How does this happen? Why has the communication gone wrong? Something has triggered YOUR hormones (insulin, glucagon) to stop functioning correctly. Primarily there are several factors that can disturb this communication, cause a shift and ultimately alter function:

  • diet & lifestyle - diets high in processed refined foods, too much sugar and sedentary lifestyle
  • digestive function - indigestion, gall bladder problems
  • stress - constant daily stress, or an intense stressful period
  • toxic environment - exposure to environmental chemicals

And when your hormones stop working properly a vicious cycle is created, promoting the environment for chronic disease to develop as you age – diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease and cardiac incidents, kidney disease and cancers. This cycle won’t be broken if you don’t focus on the right areas. Just going on “another diet” won’t change what needs to be changed  - which is the correction of the hormone signalling in your body.


But you can regain your health and change the course you are on and the progression of disease.  You can start to make changes so that your body will respond appropriately to the food you eat, and correct the functioning of your organs - gut, liver, pancreas and ultimately your blood chemistry.

At Nourish and Breathe, we work together to piece by piece, put the puzzle together. We look at:

  1. why you got to where you are at, and then 
  2. break the cycle and work towards lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar and insulin levels and improving liver function

And thart's when you start to see positive changes... you lose the excess weight, gain monthly hormonal balance, regain energy and clarity of thought.  Goodbye headaches, sleep problems, bloating, mood swings! 

Metabolic Assessment and Recovery Program

The Nourish and Breathe program is designed to support you through the whole process. To work with you to determine the root cause of your metabolic dysfunction and correct your blood sugar & insulin levels, improve blood lipids and cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

We do all the testing in-clinic (Blood Glucose and Glucose Tolerance Test, triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL, LDL. Blood Pressure) & blood tests (liver enzymes, insulin), discuss your health history and go through some relevant questions with you about your health.

Then, together we will develop a personalised treatment plan based on your root cause. This is all personalised to your own situation and can involve:  

  • Gut Health and Repair program, 
  • Cleanse program, 
  • Stress Less Program, 
  • Dietary and Lifestyle guidelines, 
  • All with herbal and nutritional treatments.


At Nourish and breathe there is no judgement, we are women and mothers too, our goal is to support and encourage our clients to feel better inside and out.

Get in touch today to book your assessment or talk to our Naturopath Renae in more detail. We are always happy to hear from you. 

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