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Give Yourself a Break! Why you should Cleanse!


Why we Cleanse!

Your wellness is your state of health and will determine how your body and its innate defences are able to deal with an invasion - be it a simple cold to a more sinister virus, pathogenic bacteria, exposure to a toxin, and stress. A life of clean nutrient rich foods, healthy lifestyle choices and mindful practices is the first step to ensure lifelong good health.


Awareness of the exposure and effects of toxins in everyday modern life is essential to understanding the impact of toxins on your health. This knowledge is just one part of your full health picture, but an essential part that must be addressed if you wish to live the life you want to, reducing the risks of developing chronic disease and healing some chronic conditions.

What are Toxins?

Industrial Pollutants, petrochemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, food additives, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, hygiene products and cosmetics, plastic compounds.

Toxins are xenobiotics, chemicals that are not required in our everyday metabolic processes such as the production of cellular energy for growth, differentiation, and function.1 I think we sometimes forget that everything we eat, breathe or absorb must be dealt with by our bodily functions. The toxin does not just disappear or come out the other end without having had some impact on our internal environment.

Two to three thousand newly invented chemicals are released into our environment every year. Exposure to toxins is unavoidable due to the ever increasing presence in our air, water, soil and food. Toxins have been shown to interfere with enzyme function, cellular transport mechanisms and receptor sites, cause oxidative damage, block nutrient absorption and mimic hormones or neurotransmitters.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body and the body has a natural capacity to process toxins. Systems which carry out detoxification include digestion, lungs, kidneys, reproductive tissues and nasal epithelium. Toxins are neutralised and then removed via stool, urine and sweat.

Symptoms of Toxicity

Every cell, tissue and system in the body is susceptible to damage by these toxins, with symptoms ranging from headaches, fatigue, mood and behavioural disturbances, and directly related to cancers, neurological problems, fertility issues and birth defects.

Why do a N&B Cleanse?

Our natural detoxification system can become overburdened and compromised with the polluted environment and poor diet and lifestyle choices. A Cleanse program such as we do at N&B supports a period of good food choices, minimising exposure to toxins, eliminating negative lifestyle choices and implementing mindful practices. This allows the space to break old habits that are not supporting our health and allows for a period of healing to occur, supporting our natural organs of detoxification and elimination.

What You Can Do? The N&B Cleanse

3 Simple Steps

clean healthy lifestyle, fresh organic foods removing intake of food additives and pesticides
reduce exposure to everyday toxins - household pollutants such as cleaning products, personal hygiene products, makeup, plastics, gardening chemicals to name a few
Support and enhance the functioning of your body’s organs of elimination

Please read more about Detoxification on N&B website 

1. Croom, E. (2012) Metabolism of xenobiotics of human environments. Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science. 112:31-88. 

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