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The Bomb

The Bomb Collage


'The Bomb'

Right now in Canberra the weather has really set in hasn't it? The leaves are all gone, it's grey, the heating has been switched on, the fire is burning, the Uggies are out and I can't believe that I have been known to say 'I love Canberra and it's four seasons!'.

So, I would like to share a little recipe for those that are feeling a bit snuffly, bogged down by the flu, all 'achey' and heavy in the head! Sound like you, or someone in your house? Then snuggle up on the couch in your best tracksuit and Ugg boots with a mug of this warming healing mix. Already a favourite among many whom I have shared it with, it is perfect for all ages and actually tastes good so you shouldn't get too many compliance issues on the home front for this home remedy.

Perfect for winter snuffles, clearing out the sinuses, warming the body, and supporting the healing process, whip up a batch now.

'The Bomb'

1/2 cup raw organic honey
2-4 tablespoons grated ginger
1-2 teaspoons turmeric (powder or grated fresh)
Lemon zest (pref organic)
Pinch black pepper

Note: add some fresh crushed raw garlic to really add some microbial (bad bug) fighting properties.

Place all ingredients in a glass jar, stir to combine and use as needed.

Mix 1-2 Teaspoon in boiled water that has slightly cooled. This is so you don't lose all the wonderful properties of the honey.


Why raw organic honey? Raw organic honey has not been heated to high temperatures and therefore still contains the nutrients which are normally destroyed by the high heat used in the manufacturing processes of mass produced honey, and it is also completely delicious!

Ginger is a powerful warming spice that is great to get the circulation flowing, and has broad spectrum anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is another powerful anti inflammatory spice, and curcumin the active ingredient of turmeric that gives it the bright yellow colour demonstrates antioxidant activity. Absorption of the tumeric is improved with the addition of black pepper. Oodles of reasons to take garlic due to its antimicrobial properties.


Check out N&B Healing at Home for more useful tips to care for you and your family at home.  

This recipe I have taken from a completely gorgeous blog/app/cookbooks "The Green Kitchen". Check them out for delicious photography and equally delicious vegetarian recipes. They even visited our shores last January all the way from Scandinavia.

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