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Have you ever tried raw cheesecake?

Raw Cheesecake

Completely delicious and guilt free, unless you eat a whole cake of course! Have you ever been out at a groovy cafe sprouting wheatgrass from its front counter, you know the kind of cafe I mean, and seen raw cheesecake on the menu and wondered what that means, or maybe you haven't been there and not have any idea what I am talking about, or you may well be a raw cheesecake expert. Whichever is the case I am here to introduce you to the raw cheesecake.

And first understanding is that a raw cheesecake has NO cheese, yep dairy free. Just called cheesecake because it kinda looks like one. The base is usually made from some type of nuts (macadamias, almonds) blended with dates as a sweetener and some coconut oil which is pressed into a tin, and the filling is made with a base of soaked cashew nuts that are then blended in a food processor or Vitamix type machine with the flavour of your choice (fruit, chocolate) and a few other ingredients. Quite simple to make really and once you have made one a few times, beware as you may become very brave and start making your own variations.

For those with nut issues, bases can be made with seed variations and the filling made on either avocado or silken tofu.

In any case, you are in for a taste sensation. They are rich and flavoursome and completely satisfying so that the aching need to polish off a whole cake is not experienced. And this I think is the benefit with the raw cheesecake. Because it is made on nuts it does have fat content and sugars are present with the fruit and sweetener used, but this dessert is made on unprocessed whole foods, making it flavoursome and enjoyable.

This is a Raw Berry Chhesecake I have made for the N&B launch party this Sunday, and I have made it in a tray so that I can cut lots of scrummy little squares to share around. I am no chef and you will find much prettier ones online and you can see that my base isn't holding that well together and probably needs a little more moisture, but rest assured it is just as yummy!

Try and Enjoy!


Base Ingredients
1 cup almonds or nut of choice
2 Tbsp melted coconut oil
3 soft medjool date with pit removed
1 tspn natural vanilla extract

Cheesecake Filling
2 cups raw cashews soaked overnight
6 Tbsp melted coconut oil
juice one lemon
1 tspn pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup maple syrup (or honey, be careful what you use so that the flavour is not overpowering)
1 med banana
2 cups of mixed berries


Base - Place all ingredients in food processor or vitamin and process tip coarse crumbly mixture. Press mixture evenly into a springform pan and place in a freezer whilst making filling. This is better if left for at least an hour to harden.

Filling - Place all filling ingredients into a blender and mix until super smooth, stopping and scraping down sides if needed. Pour/scoop mixture carefully onto your base and spread evenly.

Place your cheesecake into the freezer for at least 2-3 hours to allow it to set. If leaving for longer period of time ensure you move cheesecake to fridge allowing enough time for it to thaw a little making it easier to serve and slice.

The beauty of raw cheesecakes is that they can be made well in advance, can feed lots of people as only a sliver is needed and they look amazing, oh have you tasted one yet? The taste is sensational.

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