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Tea Time : Ginger and Lemongrass

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My favourite tea of late has been a ginger and lemongrass mix, available in N&B clinic, that I have been enjoying first up in the morning. I have found it refreshing and love the warm feeling that spreads throughout the body as I contemplate the day ahead and quite possibly the chaos around me as the family gets ready for the day. Sometimes when it all seems to be falling apart and time permits, the kettle goes on and this is my tea of choice.

But I have to share that this ginger and lemongrass favourite went to a whole new level on my recent escape to Bali. The teas and smoothies provide a whole otherworld experience in Bali and it is not too difficult to find your latest fave cafe and your new best friend behind the blender or tea maker. So, of course I had to try the ginger and lemongrass tea on offer at my new fave hangout. How amazingly amazing was it when I received a beautiful tall glass with slightly warmer than just warm tea with FRESH ginger and FRESH lemongrass stalk sticking out. I actually have a bit of an addiction with Chai tea and usually have about 5 different variations of chai in my pantry depending on the mood. But I went a whole 7 days without a single chai tea. And all due to the extensive range of fresh teas on offer. And, I think that is what made the difference. The Balinese weren't relying on a tea bag, they would just throw in the fresh ingredient or the perfect spice into your boiling water. The results were delicious and invigorating and the effort to recreate yourself is entirely recommended.

Fresh Ginger and Lemongrass Tea

2 cm piece of ginger peeled and sliced thickly
fresh lemongrass usually available from a vege shop of decent size

Pour over boiled water and allow to cool for some time, about 5 mins, to allow the flavours to blend.
The beauty of making fresh tea is that you can change it to your own individual tastes. Are you a strong ginger lover or do you prefer the subtle overtones of lemongrass to prevail?

A few variations that may be worth trying: a squeeze of lime juice or perhaps a small dash of honey or palm sugar. I rarely have the sweeteners, but occasionally will add the tiniest amount. The sweeteners are entirely not necessary but if you do use them be careful not too add too much as you will completely change the taste.

Sip and Enjoy!

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