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Time to Breathe in Bali

Bali Collage

Landing at night amongst the warmth and smells of Bali begs for an instinctive exhalation, 'I am here!'. Immediately escaping the airport chaos I was speeding through the small villages to the hills of Ubud feeling so alive and free since oh I don't know when. I was entering my very own space, a longed for, long awaited escape to my very own definition of bliss! A whole week of yoga, amazing fresh sensational food, great company and the all important me time.

I had felt the need to justify my escape before departure, it seems incredibly extravagant to be dashing off alone, abandoning family back in Canberra. But on return such is the benefit that I have experienced from allowing that time to myself that I don't feel that same need to justify. The benefits are not only experienced by myself but all those I interact with on my return, they get the calm, grounded and happy Renae. And here's the thing, my week living in the Bali bubble has only further validated my strong belief in the importance of taking the time to stop and BREATHE!

But you don't have to run away to Bali to do this, truly. Create the space, both time and physical space, for what you enjoy, what makes you happy! Not what you think makes you happy, what the internet tells you makes you happy or your partner or friend says, but that activity that resonates within you. Give it a go! it may not be easy, but try starting with small steps and make a date with yourself once a day for 5 mins, or for a longer period once a week. It is important YOU take time to stop and BREATHE!

More on my real Bali experience soon!

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