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Oat Berry Jar



Just try this. Really. These are for when you know breakfast is not going to happen. Or simply because they are delicious. Or because you need a nourishing breakfast after a gym or yoga session but won’t be home or have time to prepare. There really are no excuses to not feeding yourself well to set yourself up for an amazing day. A balanced breakfast with fibre, protein and fats, ensures you are satiated (avoiding any less then nourishing food temptations), balances blood sugar levels and provides lasting energy to inspire you through your day. Besides all that, how delicious do they look?

1/2 cup organic rolled oats
a pinch of chosen spice - cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon or combination
1 Tbsp seeds - chia, flax, sesame
3/4 cup milk or juice - almond, coconut water/milk, apple or orange juice

coconut yoghurt (I use COYO and is Oh so good)
toasted coconut
fresh berries
nut and seed mix

Combine all dry ingredients in a small glass jar and mix.
Add liquid and stir ensuring all is mixed well.
Close with lid and leave overnight.
Grab in the morning and add toppings of choice.

will last in fridge for 3-5 days
soaking oats improves digestibility of the oats