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Almond Mylk



I usually do the preparation for this over the weekend so that I have a fresh batch ready to go for the new week. It really isn’t difficult to make your own and I encourage you to give it a go and introduce to your weekly prep for nourishing foods. Keep to use in your smoothies, or as liquid in your egg meals, and as liquid to in chia cups or oat jars for breakfast. By soaking you are activating the nutrients so that they may be absorbed, and don’t throw the remaining pulp out, keep for pancakes or even the Chia and Almond bread, remember nothing to waste!

750mL filtered water
1 cup soaked almonds (overnight)
1/2 merjool date (optional sweetener)
1/4 tsp of flavouring - vanilla powder, cinnamon
pinch salt
nut milk bag or piece of muslin

Soak almonds overnight.

Place all ingredients in high speed blender, and mix until well blended.
Strain through muslin, separating pulp from the mylk.
Store mylk in the fridge ready for use (use with 3-5 days).
You can either store pulp as is in a jar in fridge (rec using within 2-3 days), or dry off in a low oven to make a drier mixture.

Use the leftover almond pulp to make some delicious Chia and Almond Bread
I lay muslin over a large strainer and sit over a bowl that strainer can rest easily on.