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Healing at Home

Healing at Home Collage

Home remedies have almost become a lost art, but provide an important means for you to be able to care for the health of you and your family. You may have a childhood memory of a grandmother preparing a special concoction or tonic for you. A tot of rum for a teething child may no longer be considered acceptable, but there are plenty of other traditional wisdoms that we can take on board. Now is a time where you can relearn those skills and use them to care for and nurture yourself and your loved ones.

It is important to consider a few naturopathic principles when implementing home care. Treat the cause, treat the symptoms and treat holistically. Your body has an innate sense to heal itself and we should always consider working towards supporting this role whatever the challenge may be. If we are feeling depleted of energy and run down then our immune system will struggle to rally against anything that it comes across. This is why someone with a chronic health condition, which usually involves an immune system that is already challenged with systemic inflammation, will most likely struggle harder and longer to overcome a new challenge. It is important to consider the healing process that your immune system is innately rallying like an army to fight whether it be a scrape on the knee of a child or an elderly patient experiencing a heavy chest cold that just won't shift. Now is also the time to consider how you got to where you are at - do you need to increase your rest at the moment to allow your body to regain strength and recover so you don't get struck down in 2 weeks with another virus. This is the holistic part of naturopathy, identify and acknowledge and support where you are at now!

I really enjoy this part of clinic practice and I believe it is empowering to be able to care for yourself and your family and with a few natural ingredients at your disposal at home you are able to provide some essential home health care.

I will be building this section of N&B information with remedies and steps you can take to regain a lost art, improve your confidence and ability to care for you and your family.

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