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There is an abundance of amazing people out there passionate about food and diets. Do not get overwhelmed with the latest diet craze, or what your best buddy has said you must do because they have just discovered an amazing superfood that is rich in antioxidants or the like. The best superfood is the food that you can access and is supercharged with nutrients because it is fresh, locally grown, organic and you are connecting with the food as you prepare your meal for you and your family and friends.
I am no chef but enjoy one of the most simple pleasures of life, good honest food. I like to share recipes that I have tried and have found worked for me and my family.

Some resources that I recommend:

Recipe Books that provide Simple Good Honest Food.
These books have great introductions which explain different foods, and why you should be having them.
Wholefood for Children: Jude Blereau
Whole for the Family: Jude Blereau
I am Food, Eating your way to Health: Anthia Koullouros  

Vegetarian Recipe Books. 
At Home in the Wholefood Kitchen: Amy Chaplin - great introduction including such things as grain and legume preparations
The Green Kitchen: David Frankiel & Luise Vindahl - inspiring beautiful food photography

Healthy Every Day, Family Food, Going Paleo: Pete Evans
The Healthy Life: Jessica Sepel
Heal Your Gut: Lee Holmes

The Healthy Chef: Teresa Cutter www.thehealthychef.com
 Quit Sugar: Sarah Wilson