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I like to keep the approach to food as simple as possible. Our bodies live and thrive on the food that we feed it. If we feed our body nutrient dense, fresh, minimally processed foods and drink plenty of H2O we feel amazing. As soon as we start tipping the balance towards highly refined sugar foods, processed foods, foods that come packaged, too much caffeine you will start to feel sluggish, suffer digestive complaints, headaches etc.

In our younger years we often get away with it, or think that we are getting away with it; however, the effects of poor eating and lifestyle accumulate until we find ourselves overweight and with a health condition mild or otherwise that is impacting on how we live our lives. It is never too late to make positive changes and feed your body what it needs and restore your health and vitality.
A few simple Nourish and Breathe food guidelines:

  • Eat fresh, whole unprocessed food
  • Eat locally grown where possible, supporting our local community and farmers
  • Eat seasonally
  • Eat organic, begin this transition by eating foods with no additives, preservatives, colours, flavours

Try this and taste and feel the difference

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