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Naturopath - Nutritionist and Herbalist

I LOVE all things HEALTH, always have. Since a teenager I was interested in fitness and diets and we are talking the 80's with aerobics and leotards. I grew up with Vogel's bread salad sandwiches in my lunchbox and sesame bars my treat food. And, after living life to the full in my 20's with travel and working on and around the oceans of the world (my other true passion) I discovered Naturopathy and the beginnings of Nourish and Breathe.

Traveling around South America, sailing across the Atlantic ocean a couple of times and living in the Caribbean on my own yacht (do not think luxury!) I learnt that it is the simple things that count. The beauty of nature and the world around us, good food and fulfilling relationships with friends and family are nourishing to our body and soul and all that we need!

Returning to Australia and whilst earning a living skippering yachts and teaching sailing on Sydney Harbour I began to study Naturopathic Medicine. Naturopathic philosophy fitted into my own ideals and makes simple, honest and complete sense. Treat the cause. Treat holistically. The use of traditional herbal medicines, nutrition and lifestyle form the fundamental basis of Naturopathic principles and as medical practitioners we take the Hippocratic oath "Do No Harm!" 

´┐╝As our little family grew I continued study in the field of Naturopathic Medicine with a Masters in Health Science, enabling me to stay connected with my passion whilst surrounded by all things motherhood. I thoroughly enjoyed the Masters as my science brain appreciated the extra layer of scientific validation of the therapeutic use of herbal medicines that the Masters level of study provides.

Now, as a mother of 4 young children I have a real time appreciation of the challenges of family life in all its entirety. I am able to bring this dimension and understanding to my professional practice. This understanding further emphasises to me the importance of knowledge. We often feel overwhelmed with information overload that is constantly exposing us to marketing expounding the virtues of the latest superfood/diet/natural/organic/biodynamic etc. Learn to feel confident when reading a blog/article/FB post (or the more traditional sources of newspaper articles or television documentaries) and critically assess and determine its merit and its worth to you.

The body is quite simply amazing! With our health NOTHING should be looked at in isolation. Our emotional, neurological, immunological and physical bodies and systems are all interrelated and which is why I love and have deep gratitude and feel incredibly fortunate to be a practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine.As a naturopath we are given the tools to take a holistic approach to your health and treat at all levels.

I love yoga and for me it has been an essential ingredient that has allowed me to achieve all that I have - to be present, act with humility and compassion on the road to discovering the true self.

To you and your families health and happiness I look forward to our own personal health relationship and journey and with sincere gratitude I thank you for the trust you have afforded me.

Qualifications and Memberships

Renae is a university qualified naturopath, a practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine. Renae holds a Masters of Health Science (Herbal Medicine), a Bachelors of Science (UNSW), and a Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition. Renae actively maintains currency with current research and findings in the field of natural medicine and health by regular attendance at professional seminars and conferences.

Renae maintains current membership with the National Herbalists Association of Australia (N.H.A.A) and is registered with all major health funds enabling private health insurance rebates for consultations.