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Nourish. the body with clean, simple and honest foods and the soul with light and happiness.

Heal. the body with therapeutic herbal and nutritional medicines, teas and food.

Grow. in health and achieve all that you can.

Breathe. and allow the time for reflection and awareness of all that you are and all that you can be.

Nourish and Breathe encourages you to stop and breathe. To stop and take notice of our natural surroundings, and that which is meaningful, our relationships with friends and family. To cultivate awareness and connect from within. In the 21st century we are bombarded with information and surrounded by technology and unprecedented levels of chemicals and toxins. These are all stressors which can disrupt your unique health physiology. Nourish and Breathe is here to support, guide and educate you on a path of wellness and navigate through the minefield of stressors.

Together lets wade through and shake up all the misinformation and inherent beliefs and habits that have accumulated in your health picture and discover what your actual unique individual health needs are.